Welcome to Pure Water, Healthy Drinking Water
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Purewater Bottled has been servicing the Karachi area with healthy and pure drinking water for the retail stores and restaurant businesses. With rest assured that Purewater will provide your customers with high quality water.


For your convenience, Purewater has availability of NRB sizes 6L, 1.5L, 600ML at retail-friendly prices. Additionally, we have 19 Liter bottle filling station availability for your most immediate water needs. Best of all we have extended hours from Monday through Saturday, 9 AM – 11 PM. Purewater Bottled Water welcomes walk-ins and will be delighted to deliver to your store or restaurant.


At Purewater we offer 99.99% contaminant-free water, so you can live a healthy lifestyle without worry. We pride ourselves on enhancing every step of the purification process, from the smallest ingredient to the bottling equipment. From top to bottom, our commitment to the best quality water is priority #1


Purewater Water is your #1 reliable source for drinking water. We are delighted to service all catering and events, with the addition of any dispensers/equipment to ensure your occasions are a success. We guarantee that Purewater will never be undersold and will have no shortages for the Eid Celebrations, guaranteed!